Earlier, all streaming services were either difficult or cumbersome to use. Bandeapart has taken the pain out of streaming by providing an easy-to-use, highly functional and user friendly software solution. So how did the music streaming website end up on the top high horse to be a world wide musical sensation? That too, at a time when music piracy was relatively easy to get hold of. The solution lies in how the business model went about modifying the ways in which music fans consume music.

Important Points to Consider When Setting Up Your Own Music Streaming Website

Most music streaming services make their money through advertisements on their platforms. While this may seem like a good way to make an investment, it can come back to haunt you later on. With every new genre that gets launched, all these companies find a way of getting their products advertised too. In the case of the music streaming website, the adverts are integrated into the audio content itself. This makes for a unique selling point (USP) and also helps you avoid the issue of music piracy.

The music streaming website has been able to circumvent the issue of piracy by creating a platform that allows its users to create playlists and easily find music tracks that satisfy their preferences. It provides offline access to audio content which is not possible with other sites. With offline access comes the opportunity to create playlists that can be shared with friends and colleagues. You can make great playlists for parties, concerts, DJ sets and use them to spread your music.