Tips for Car Maintenance

Tips for Your Car Maintenance That You Should Know

Tips for Car Maintenance

Now that you have made a serious investment and spent thousands of bucks acquiring your car, why not keep it in the right condition. Did you know as simple as keeping your tire well-inflated at its required pressure can boost the mileage of your car by 3.3%? 

If as casual, having the right pressure of your tire can save your gas, how much more having regular maintenance of your vehicle? Of course, for you to do the correct car maintenance, you must be aware of how to do it and what to keep on checking even on yourself without involving your mechanic. 

In this article, you will learn about the car maintenance that you need to do regularly for the longevity of your car. But why should you maintain your vehicle? Well, keep reading.

Why Do You Need to Have Regular Car Maintenance?

There are various benefits of having a regular check-up for your car. Although it may seem like a big task of maintaining the vehicle regularly, in the long term, it will save you hundreds of dollars and keep you safe while driving. Here are some of the reasons for car maintenance:

  • It increases durability

Nothing is built to last forever, but before it depreciates and becomes an unroadworthy vehicle, ensure that it is in its best condition always. With regular maintenance, you increase the efficiency of the engine while reducing the wear and tear that happens daily. You will be amazed at how simple maintenance boosts the life span of your car.

  • It prevents costly repairs

Regular maintenance may be costing, you just have to pay a few dollars when you take it to your mechanic. Sometimes, if you are conversant with cars, it will cost you nothing. However, it becomes very costly, repairing a vehicle that has undergone multiple breakdowns. A repair that you could deal with it when it was starting may cost you thousands of dollars. 

  • It keeps you safe 

Your safety is everything when you are on the road. Sometimes it is unpredictable what may happen to your car when traveling on a long journey. Some streets are too dangerous to have a car breakdown in the middle of the night. Ensure your vehicle is well-maintained and repaired before and after a long journey. 

  • It makes your driving comfortable

No one enjoys driving a car that makes unpleasant noises and worn out suspension springs. Having such a car will not just make you tired, but you may have headaches by the end of your journey. 

  • It improves the driving quality of your car 

When you have routine maintenance of your vehicle, you enjoy proper driving, which eventually reduces the chances of causing accidents on the road. 

Typically, some maintenance practices may be hard for you to perform without specific tools. So which are some of the crucial tools that you should never lack in your toolbox?

Essential Tools for Your Car Maintenance

Sometimes we feel insecure leaving our cars with even professional mechanics whom we have not dealt with before. That’s why it is necessary to have your tools to maintain your car by yourself. Here are some crucial tools you should always have in your vehicle:

1. Lug Wrench – This tool is perhaps the most common among the tools many drivers have. This tire iron is used in loosening or tightening the nuts when replacing your tire. 

2. Floor Jack – Things have been made easy by the technology in which you don’t have to use a lot of energy to change your tire. Even when you are alone, you can use a floor jack to lift your vehicle off the ground. Always buy a jack that suits the weight of your car.

3. A hammer and pliers – These are two essential tools. Hammer is useful for your car’s body alignment, while pliers can be useful in cutting those stuck nuts.

4. Wheel chocks – This is one of the critical tools you will need, especially when the vehicle loses its brakes. Ensure the size of your wheel matches the size of the chock.

5. Screwdriver set – You will be happy how your car maintenance will be faster and easy with this set with different heads of screwdrivers. 

6. A Spark Plug Spanner – This is useful in removing a damaged spark plug safely without causing any damage.

7. Adjustable Wrenches – Instead of buying multiple wrenches of diverse sizes, why not buy an adjustable wrench. It is instrumental in unscrewing nuts that refuse to open. 

8. Torque Wrench – If you want to secure your nuts on the tire properly, this is the tool to use after using a lug wrench, ensuring that your bolts are tight enough. 

There are other tools you may need to have like a tire inflator, combination wrench, car multimeter, impact gun, oil filter wrench, and a torch. All these tools will make you enjoy your car maintenance work. Besides using these tools, there are tips to keep your car working properly. 

Tips for Your Car Maintenance

Your car can be compared to your body, the better you care for it, the better it works for you and remains healthy. Here are some tips for maintaining your car:

1. Be on the watch for the warning lights – most modern cars have sensors that will indicate some light when you forgot to do something.

2. Watch the fluids levels – such fluids include oil, coolant, and the power steering fluid.

3. Have a connection on how your car operates – feel the way your vehicle works when being healthy and notice any deviation.

4. Listen to your car – there is a way a healthy car starts and sounds when driving. If it starts to make noise, it may need some maintenance.

5. Always check the pressure of your tire – as said earlier, proper tire pressure ensures better fuel consumption and better handling of your car.

6. Always keep your car clean

7. Go round your vehicle checking before embarking on any journey

8. Ensure your rear and front lighting are working correctly – if necessary, you can replace any damaged bulb.


Although car maintenance may seem like a hard nut to crack to most of the car owners, familiarizing yourself with these simple tricks can save you thousands of dollars. Going through the owner’s manual can be of great help as a beginner. Always seek advice from your mechanic if need be. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!